Lost Souls is the first single from the forthcoming album COCOON, a passion project with my band The Lost Souls. The album will be out in September 2022 on vinyl and Bandcamp only.


This video is from my Solo Project 'LUSTPRINZIP' which is an electro-clash album. The song is about AI robots as companions for humans, which is a topic that fascinated me for quite some time, mostly inspired by the Movie 'HER' (which is brilliant btw)


Another song from my solo album LUSTPRINZIP. I made this video during the first lockdown, accepting hula hoop challenges and meeting some brilliant women in Berlin who contributed to the fun. It's all footage I shot and edited on my phone, so it's very much diy, but I really enjoyed the process of making it.


One of the saddest and most personal songs I've made so far, Pain is about a dark time in my life. The song was visualised by Patrick Tichy and features the very amazing Lady Lee.